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We are a law firm not an accounting firm. According to Chinese laws, only accounting firms are allowed to issue Audit Report that is part of the annual report. The auditing services we provide is NOT for the annual report purpose, but to make sure the accounting books on which the balance sheet, profit and losses sheet, etc. are based are recognized, measured and reported properly. If you plan to make an investment we can conduct an auditing (part of the due diligence investigation) into the target company.

Comparing to the auditing principles set by the Finance Ministry, we can detect potential risks in a more flexible way. For the certified public accountants, they have a set of principles and standards that are designed to protect them, which makes the auditing following these principles very inflexible.

We do auditing without being held back by those inflexible principles and standards. When we do internal auditing, we focus on all potential risks rather than mere error/mistake on numbers. In other words, our auditing is more like an all-round auditing, covering legal, accounting (normally not into very details, because an in-depth accounting audit will be extremely time-consuming), and taxation activities.

Moreover, comparing to the traditional audit report that is full of technical language, we prefer brief reports that cut straight to the point. The internal auditing reports issued by our firm are much easier to understand. Besides, we also accept face-to-face questionings.

We also maintain very good working relations with the accounting firms and CPAs.

We are confident our services in this area are very competitive, and will continue our efforts to make us more competitive.