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Debt Collection
Debt Collection
Account receivables is always a big business for practicing lawyers. To win such a case is not very difficult, but to get actual pay is not that easy.

If no proper and/or necessary steps are taken, it is very likely to lose not only the account receivables, but also to waste the lawyer’s fees.

We had a lot experience in this area, and set up a Bad Debt Collection Team to take over some of the bad debts of the banks. Although some of the debts are so bad, and that there is faint hope to get any actual payment, we are still working closely with our client banks and the enforcement judges of the court. We do not give up any hope until the last minute.

Our experience shows that patience under some if not the most circumstances pays off.

Currently we are going to take over more debt collection business from banks or companies.

Our charges arrangement for this business is very flexible.