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Invest in China
Invest in China
How could clients find a trustworthy lawyer in an alien country? Most of us do not have any idea about this. After paying very expensive lawyer’s fees, maybe you do not get the expected services. You lose the lawsuit and you lose your hope in lawyers.

We also have this experience before. We cannot accept it, so we establish this platform to help clients get rid of this possible substandard services.

We are more than merely a law firm, we are also committed to making friends with clients. As your trustworthy friend, clients can always contact us for help, and we are always ready to listen to your stories with full attention and help you with full efforts.

Our mission is to provide a full range of services for clients, from business registration to deregistration (liquidation), from daily operations to unexpected crisis, from M&A to capital increase and decrease, from consultation to litigation, covering nearly all issues a business can encounter (please refer to Customized Services section to learn more about our services).

We intend to grow up with clients and want to witness your success in this immense market. The most reassuring thing for us is to see a client with only few employees grow up to be a formidable competitor to its counterparts.

The lawyers of our team are very professional in business services, and with very competitive educational background in our fields. We always put clients’ interests before ours. No client is too small to lose for us. Believe us, we are your Chinese friends you can entrust your business with. You do not have to be our clients to be our friends.

We help you succeed!