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Small Enterprise Service Center

Dec 31, 2019

Our Support for Small Enterprises

We offer a selection of services specific for small enterprises:

1. For litigation services, the lawyer’s fees will be charged on a suggested standard (unless the dispute is very complex and needs a lot of time) allowed by the supervising authority rather than a market price;
2. For non-litigation services, we will work out an acceptable fees rate that is corresponding to the time, skills that we actually use;
3. For account receivables disputes (debt collection), if clients have difficulty to make payment of the lawyer’s fees before taking actions, we can offer some flexibility in payment time;
4. Some training and/or experience sharing can be provided if it is badly needed;
5. Designing of the best solutions for small enterprises to make them develop in a legal yet tax saving way;
6. Other services solely applicable to small businesses.

As we always did in the past, we hope to help small business to successfully grow into a formidable competitor among its counterparts.
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