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Jan 09, 2020

Why Small Enterprises Are Special in China

Small and medium enterprises registered in China are subjected to a lot of preferential treatments, both legal and taxation. There is even a nation-level law about promotion of small and medium businesses.

The central government also empowers the local governments of different levels to pass some of their own economic policies about small and medium businesses, in a spirit to promote entrepreneurship.

These policies are in big numbers, and sometimes are neglected. As business lawyers, we follow such policies (taxation policies in particular) very closely, especially those of local levels, in a hope of offering guidance investment information to clients.

Here at, we will share some of such policies and some of our studies and experience with clients in brief and plain languages.

We hope that we are not only considered by our clients as problems solvers, we also want more to be an advice giver and opportunity recommender.

We want to help these small businesses to succeed in this immensely competitive market.

For further information about policies on small and medium enterprises around the whole of China, please contact us directly.
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