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We represent clients in different levels of courts and arbitration tribunals nationwide. To provide the most professional services possible, we maintain close cooperation with other branch offices and establish great cooperative relations with different organizations and agencies.

It is forbidden for our team lawyers to take cases by giving ambiguous or misleading opinions. To avoid misunderstandings, we encourage our lawyers to use concise, plain and intelligible language with our clients. We try not to use technical jargons that may create difficulty for understanding. Throughout the whole litigation process, our clients will be updated in a timely manner.

Our litigation services mainly cover:
♦  contract disputes (sales, purchase, lease, agency, distribution, loan, etc.)
♦  debt collection disputes
♦  labor disputes (labor contract, work-related injury, occupational disease, overtime pay, unfair dismissal, social insurance, etc)
♦  non-fair competition disputes
♦  intellectual property disputes - trademark infringement disputes, copyright infringement disputes
♦  corporate disputes (dispute over board resolutions, violation of fiduciary duties, such as nonconforming accounting practice, evasion of tax, dispute over corporate controlling right, dispute between dormant shareholder and the agent, dispute over pre-emption, dispute over denial of the legal personality of the company, etc.)
♦  bankruptcy (insolvency) disputes (admittance of credit, realization of assets, division of residuals, liabilities for violation of fiduciary duties, composition of managers of the liquidation board, etc.)
♦  international trade disputes (excluding such maritime disputes as vessel collision, etc.)
♦  traditional disputes (family laws - marriage, car accident, tort – personal injury, etc.).

Tax Disputes

Tax evasion in China can constitute a crime, or face monetary punishment. As tax lawyers, we represent our clients to deal with tax-related issues in and out of court.

Traditional Disputes

We also have lawyers that are very familiar with traditional disputes (including but not limited to family laws, tort laws, etc.). If you happen to be involved in these issues, you can also reach to us for services.