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Our non-litigation services cover nearly all disputes that a business may encounter in its daily operations. For further information, you may refer to the “Customized Services” section.

It must be made clear that we are a law firm NOT an accounting firm, and that we do NOT do bookkeeping or issue audit report, although some of our lawyers are also experts in accounting and auditing.

Based on Chinese laws, only accounting firms are allowed to provide auditing service that is used for annual report purpose.

The auditing service we provide is for internal use only. Our auditing service is to make sure that the company or its shareholders or senior officials (including board directors) function legally and properly.

For example, you are an overseas shareholder that does not participate in the daily operations of the company. You are worried that the board directors you appointed do not perform their duties in a duly manner (for example, the company can enjoy lower tax rate if the company perform some obligations that are easy to be met, but because this may cause inconvenience, the senior officials waives the right for the tax reduction/exemption), or possibly that their decisions may bring potential risks to the investors in a long run.

Under this circumstance, we can conduct an internal audit (including reviewing the board resolutions and other documents) to see if there are potential risks, and report to you on a regular basis, making sure you are rightfully represented.

When necessary we can also attend all sorts of negotiations on your behalf even if the company has its own staff attorneys.

If you need services not listed above, you can feel free to contact us for more information.