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Our law firm is based in China, but our clients are going abroad. So we welcome cooperation with law firms, tax planning firms, accounting firms, consulting firms etc. from all over the world.

We need lawyers, tax experts, CPAs, public relation experts, etc. out of China to work with us to serve these Chinese clients who are investing, working and/or living in your country.

The cooperation between you and our firm will be on a long term and mutually beneficial basis. We need candid, straightforward, honest, sincere and timely communication.

Our aim is to build a win-win trustworthy working relation for our clients, you and our firm.

Anyone interested in partnering with us MUST meet the following requirements:
1. Must be reputable in your country or region, and be very professional in your field of practice;
2. Must always be client-oriented, and have no punishment record due to clients’ complaint or violation of work ethics;
3. Must always put clients’ interest in the first place;
4. Must follow professional work ethics in the severest manner;
5. Must be able to communicate with us in PLAIN and CONCISE English;
6. Must be trustworthy;
7. Must accept our commitment to clients;
8. Must accept our cooperation terms set in the Cooperation Agreement and/or Service Agreement.

For applicants passed our preliminary screening, we will visit you or contact your supervising authority (to be determined depending on the country where you are from) for verifications of your qualifications.

Once accepted, you will be put on our list of service providers in your country/region. We will contact you for services if we need them in your country. The services to be provided, service fees, payment terms, etc. will all be decided on a case to case basis.

You may contact us for cooperation by writing us emails. Please write the name of your country/region, the services you provide (legal, tax, accounting, etc.) and your name and the name of your firm/company. For example, the title of your email can be like this: Cooperation - Croatia (XYZ city) - Legal Service - ABC Law Firm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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