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In-house Lawyer
Why do we recommend “in-house” lawyer services?

For a small business, retaining staff attorneys is very expensive, especially if they have work experience in a law firm before. Normally, staff attorneys expect a remuneration higher than the average salaries of the professional lawyers in law firms. Because comparing to lawyers work in a law firm, their career is with less expectations and freedom, although their pay is very stable.

Law school graduates have an average expectation for the salary, but it is difficult to keep them, because in-house lawyer experience is under most circumstances a step stone for their future career. They are also very inexperienced, sometimes need many years before they can handle difficult issues. They can handle some simple issues, but this will leave them little accomplishment which is also one of the reasons for their resignation. For law school graduates, most of us have a lawyer dream, which is far more exciting, challenging than in-house lawyers.

In addition, in the event of emergency or crisis, professional lawyers in law firms are always a better option than staff attorneys, because we do deal with all kinds of disputes and issues all the time.

Big companies can afford a legal team of their own, but in case of litigations professional lawyers from law firms are more confident in court. The best advice for the big companies is to maintain a legal team and engage an external lawyer(s) as consultant. The in-house lawyers know employer and the details of the dispute better than external lawyers, but external lawyers are more professional in handling crisis and litigations, and are more professional in court hearing techniques. can provide clients professional “in-house” lawyer services. is a team composed of lawyers, CPAs, Tax Experts who have years of experience of business services either as practicing lawyer or as“in-house”lawyers.

As“in-house”lawyers, we provide clients both litigation and non-litigation services. We help our clients reach their goal while mitigating legal risks and saving taxes.

The services under“in-house”lawyer arrangement mainly include:

1. Visiting clients in their office on a regular basis and for a fixed period of time per week (normally 8 – 15 hours based on the lawyer fees);
2. Risk warning and advice giving;
3. Normal legal support (document review, draft; consultations, etc.);
4. Due diligence investigation and timely report;
5. Training and experience sharing with staff attorneys (if any);
6. Litigations;
7. Other legal support clients need in their business operations.

What are the advantages and strengths of

1. We have a team that knows law and tax.

We know both legal and tax knowledge and practice. Only a very small amount of lawyers are both lawyer and CPA in China, maybe less than 1%. Our lawyers are making time to study the related knowledge.

We are building a trustworthy knowledgeable team that is with a strong sense of duty, of accountability and of accomplishment.

2. We have a nationwide network.

Our team is based in Shanghai, but Bairui law firm has branch offices in main cities around the country. In other words, we have a big “team” in China.

Unlike some countries (e.g. the U.S.) that lawyer cannot attend court hearings out of the state where they are registered to practice law, lawyers in China can represent clients in any court of the country.

In the event of cross province disputes, we can coordinate lawyers from the branch office to cooperate with our lawyers, in order to make us more confident in the local court culture. But we will not simply hand our cases to the branch office lawyers or other local lawyers, and then do nothing. Instead, we will appoint a lawyer from our team to participate in and decide the strategies of the case.

Don’t worry about where you are, because we can provide services nationwide.

3. Our fees rate is reasonable and transparent.

We offer a lawyer’s fees rate that is very competitive in the market. is a streamlining team. We outsource a lot of assistance services (e.g. translations about some irrelevant documents) to external service providers, with which we negotiate a very acceptable price.

We will not tolerate hidden charges!

Any cost to be incurred will be clearly disclosed to clients in advance. Once found hidden charges by our team member or other lawyer in cooperation with us, we will refund the client and terminate the cooperation will this lawyer.

Money is important, but it is not the most important to our team. We are committed to growing with clients.

You can contact us now to learn more about our services and fees rate.